The Sea

Because to love the sea? Because watching him is like getting lost in: charms, attracts … It's as if though we reflected in a mirror, as if in one's own soul. Small waves, by inertia and almost devoid of motorcycles, crashing on the beach beat regularity of our lives, the tranquility of repetition; the crystal clear blue represents happiness, affection that we hold inside and what they receive from loved ones; the ripples seem to embody the thoughts that occasionally we adumbrate, little things that we do not share and which make us melancholy; While the deep dark blue of the water further away, seems to indicate the mistakes we made, the inconsistency of our choices, sad moments. But then, even further, the immensity, that stands out, to embrace the sky, the future, what still lies ahead, but above all an immensity that makes us feel free, as if nobody could stop us … and you will return relaxed IMG_1388

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